Four Corners Materials provided the concrete for a bridge in Sanostee, New Mexico

Sanostee Bridge

Project Type



Ready Mix Concrete




Ready Mixed Concrete

Project Name: N5012 Sanostee Wash
Owner: BIA/Navajo DOT
General Contractor: F N F
Start Date: Spring 2022
Completion Date: Fall 2022
Subcontractors or Key Contractors: Hardy Hole Drilling
Materials Used on Project and Quantities: 4500 PSI Concrete, 600 yards

Sanostee, N.M., needed a new bridge on Road N5012 that could withstand the rain and running water in the wash. All previous attempts have failed. The federal government and the New Mexico DOT funded the project to ensure a lasting bridge would be built.

“So far, this bridge has held up through the monsoon season and the ridiculous amount of water that runs through the wash.”
Tonowynn Sam, Superintendent, FNF

Four Corners Materials placing concrete for Sanostee Bridge.