Four Corners Materials places 800 yards of concrete for the Navajo Technical University.

Navajo Technical University Academic Building

Project Type


Ready Mix Concrete


Construction Services

Ready Mixed Concrete

Navajo Technical University was ready to update their academic building. As it turns out, they are going to update three buildings in the same department, modernizing this section like the rest of the campus.

Owner: NTU
General Contractor: Mick Rich
Start Date: October 2022
Completion Date: Fall 2023
Subcontractors or Key Contractors: Noel Company
Materials Used on Project and Quantities: 800 yards of 4500 PSI concrete with HRWR and NC Accelerator

This is a great project because we can travel to a different section of New Mexico, as well as experiencing superb teamwork with the general contractor and the subcontractors. It is amazing to see everyone working on the same page!

Kelsey Lizer
QC Technician, Four Corners Materials