Residential Driveway Kudos

July 15, 2020

Dear Mike,

I am pleased to be writing to you regarding the residential driveway reconstruction project that Four Comers Materials completed for me during the week of June I, 2020.

First, I want to thank you for scheduling this project while FCM’s mobile batch plant in Mancos was operational, prior to its relocation to South Fork. It was important to me that the asphalt hauling distance would be short to ensure that the material arrived hot, that aggregate segregation would be minimal, and that delivery would occur continuously during paving. Of course, saving a bit on transportation costs was certainly not an objectionable bonus.

This project was likely not the typical residential paving job for Four Comers. Demolition of an existing poorly constructed pavement that involved your several large machines operating in tight spaces was certainly a challenge. Your crew waltzed these machines around one another as if they had rehearsed the project a dozen times before showing up on day one. There was no confusion about what had to be done or how it would get done – it just got done quickly and efficiently.

I had forgotten about a buried telecom cable that was routed somewhere in the ground in front of my barn where we planned to peel out about 12 inches of suspect expansive soil. This cable’s exact location was not known and had it been snagged, I imagine we would all still be standing here waiting for a CenturyLink repairman to show up. Your backhoe operator’s bucket articulation skills allowed us to excavate the cable foot-by-foot and ensure its integrity until it was safely re-buried.

The subbase preparation was executed by your crew with great attention to detail. Slope, drainage, backfill furrows, and subbase compaction were all completed with quality as the objective. With the pulverized asphalt used as the subbase and expertly compacted, the result seemed nearly good enough to forego paving on top of it.

I think I counted 11 crew members present on days 4 and 5 when the asphalt paving occurred. I greatly appreciate that there were this many assigned to the project so that nobody was trying to do more than one job, and so that no task was overlooked or abbreviated. I am especially appreciative of your 2 roller operators who made countless trips up and down the driveway until the surface was perfect and your compaction density inspector gave them the thumbs-up OK. (As you might recall, the original asphalt paving was determined to have insufficient compaction which contributed to its structural failures.)

The new asphalt paving has very nice straight edges, beautifully sculpted arcs at the turns, and a nicely tapered finish where it meets the gravel portion of the shared access road. The surface finish is visually uniform and lacks the very apparent demarcations in the old pavement where each truckload’s asphalt could be discerned. The backfill along the pavement edges is now functional rather than merely concealing, as was seemingly its only purpose with the old pavement.

Please extend my compliments to your project manager, Howard, and to each of your crew members that worked on this project. I am copying Jon Butler of Trautner Geotech and Ralph Wegner of Wegner Project Management. Both Jon and Ralph provided me with consulting services in determining the problems with the original asphalt paving and recommendations for making repairs. When I decided to tear out the old defective asphalt and start over, Jon and Ralph rated Four Corners Materials as their first choice contractor. I want to let them know they should keep you at the top of their lists when advising their clients.

Robert S.