Heavy Highway Asphalt Paving, Colorado: US Highway 160 Superpave

July 22, 2015

Project Owner: Colorado Department of Transportation
Completion Date: August 2011
Location: Montezuma County, Colorado (US Highway 160 6.36 miles east of US Highway 491)
The scope of the project included constructing HMA in two two-inch lifts on top of six-inch asphalt emulsion full depth reclamation sub-base material. The width of the driving surface was 42-feet, as such the ten-foot laydown machine was built out to 21 feet with auger, tunnel and screed extensions so the width could be constructed in two pulls.
Four Corners Materials took a fairly innovative approach to the construction of the project. Building out the paver with all required extensions ensured a smooth finished ride and greatly increased construction efficiency, also providing a higher smoothness for the finished surface. The project specifications included a fairly high longitudinal joint compaction percentage. To ensure compliance with the specification, Four Corners Materials fabricated a compaction wheel utilizing a solid pneumatic tire affixed to the screed. While paving, the wheel compacted the notch portion of our longitudinal notch taper and created a larger notch cavity to lay the subsequent adjoining pull. All 35 joint density tests conducted on the project far exceeded the minimum specification and yielded a 1.05 pay factor on joint density, certainly not an easy task with the high minimum specification.
Materials Used:

  • 35,000 tons Super Pave SX grading 75 gyration PG 64-22