Four Corners Materials Designs Unique Color Admixture for Mesa Verde Visitor’s Center

August 11, 2016

September 22, 2011—Cortez, COLORADO—Nearly half a million tourists visit Mesa Verde, Colorado every year because of its beautiful cliff dwellings and rich archaeological history. People walking through the Mesa Verde Visitor’s Center may forget they are inside and feel like they are walking through the cliffs because of the building’s natural colored and textured surfaces.

Rodney McCarn, Four Corners Materials (FCM) ready-mixed concrete manager, worked closely with chemical admixture company BASF and the National Park Service to create a liquid color for the concrete used in the parking lot and visitor’s center that blends in with the natural surroundings.

“The original specs called for a powder color admixture,” says McCarn. “We had safety concerns using powder color, so we suggested creating a new liquid admixture color. After a few attempts, we had a perfect match for the natural surroundings and the liquid admixture was safer because it can be batched through a liquid dispenser attached to the concrete plant.”

The new color received positive reviews when McCarn presented it to concrete contractor Advanced Concrete Solutions and the National Park Service. “Our Mesa Verde Palamino color was just what everyone was looking for,” says McCarn. “The National Park Service likes the natural look of the colored concrete and locals who visit Mesa Verde want the same color for their own projects.”

FCM dispatched nearly 6,000 yards of the custom colored concrete from its Cortez plant for several different projects at the park.  FCM also placed the asphalt for the newly constructed parking lot on the Visitor’s Center.